Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Winter Jacket

Well, it is almost time to worry about jackets but not quite. I did finish the one I was working on and it turned out to be w-a-a-a-a-y too big for me. Otherwise, it is quite nice. I'm thinking I might try to shrink it. I can't think of the technical term for washing wool items to make them tighten up.....hmmmmmm. Well, that's going to bug me until I look it up. OK. I looked it up and the term is felted. Not sure it will work with wool-ease though because it is only 20% wool. Oh well. Anyway, the jacket took lots of yarn but the pattern is easy to make and the sleeves were pretty easy to set in. I've gotten three new requests for the ruffled shawl so that will keep me busy a bit. A black one, a brown one, and an off white one. May have to make myself one of these since they are so popular. They are pretty. After that I must make my beach coverup so I will be ready for Mexico the end of January. Can't wait. Today I am recovering from staying up til 1 a.m. to watch the election returns and to see the speeches. What am amazing event! So glad that Obama won!!!!


ponykeg said...

Beautiful jacket! I have to make one for ME that I actually keep one of these days! Love your stuff....PK

Susan said...

Very nice jacket. I'm thinking of trying the pattern, so appreciate getting input from others who've already been there.

Thank you,

BTW, I too am very glad Obama won! :)