Friday, February 10, 2017


Hooray, feels like spring so kick up your heels but keep your jacket and gloves close.  It isn't really spring.  It's just warmer than usual due to climate change maybe?  Or politics maybe?  Here in D.C. it's warmer than usual  due to all the politicians, pundits, and people talking.  And talking.  And still talking.  It is hard to get a word in these days and who would listen anyway???  So, those of us who can just read and crochet and try, I say try, to stay away from Facebook, Twitter, and all social media...try I said...not succeeding but still trying.

I find that if I can focus on a book and crochet I can pretend all is well.  Sometimes, all really is well.  I just finished making 16 hat and scarf sets for a nearby homeless shelter.  It keeps me busy and provides something nice for people who might be down on their luck.  Anyway, I enjoy the activity.  

It is amazing all the stuff on Facebook.  This posting by Patrick Steward, aka Captain Picard, says it all.  This is what strong men believe.  

On that note, I'm off to read and crochet.  Hope your day is beautiful, your life serene, and your future secure.  If not, maybe you want to look around and join a group that will help make it that way.  Life is good...let's make sure it stays good!

Friday, January 20, 2017

Gray and Cloudy Day

Today is gray, cloudy and rainy.  It matches my mood.  I'm sure I'll bounce back.  Today, though, I don't feel as cheerful as I might like.  I've been occupying my day with picture taking of my recent six hats and scarves for donating to an abused women's shelter.  Unfortunately, there is always a need for handmade items.

 I like crocheting so I'll always have a hobby.  I did get some bright pink yarn and make some hats for friends to wear when they join the 'Women's March on D.C.' tomorrow to highlight the need for diversity and women's equality.  I'm modeling the hat before I shipped it off.  It's all for a good cause.

I'm about to go walk and watch the 11th season of a great BBC series, 'New Tricks' which is about a group of retired London detectives brought in to solve cold cases.  Their boss is a Superintendent Detective who just happens to be female and 40 years their junior.  It is hilarious but also touching.  The fact that it lasted 12 seasons tells you the writing and acting is superb.  It's available on Netflix.  I first saw it on PBS years ago.  It is just one of those shows that makes you feel good.  Today is a good day to watch it.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

2017 IS HERE!

Not sure whether to get excited about the new year or to start worrying about what is going to happen with all the changes expected.  Since I can't really make any difference, I'll just wait and watch.  In the meantime, we went on vacation in December to Jamaica.  It was wonderful.  We spent 7 nights and days at Hedonism II, a clothing optional resort with a beautiful beach.  Best of all, we had a deck with our own hot tub just 50 feet from the beach.  It was wonderful!  Here I am showing off a beach tote given to me by my good friend, Mayra.  She knows I love butterflies.

But we had to return and pick up Shaunti and return to normal.  So, we are freezing tonight with the first snowfall of the winter.  Only an inch or so but it makes everything seem colder.  I am posting and documenting the hats and scarves I just finished making for a local charity.  I love to crochet and I hope they will be worn to keep others warm.

On New Year's Eve we decided to get all dressed up just for the fun of it.  You should have seen Shaunti watching us very carefully because from all appearances, we were going to leave her.  But, we didn't leave just took lots of pictures.

We wish you a very happy new year and a peaceful 2017.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Post-Election 2016

Well, the election didn't result in my choice BUT there is always one side that wins and one side that doesn't win so time to move on and hope that the new President Elect is in fact what he says he wants to be, the President for everyone.  I just hope that the country gets back to civility.  It was a really hateful campaign.

So, now that we are on the other side of the election, we can continue our lives.  I have been crocheting lots of scarves to donate and just may have a local shelter that will take them.  I have been sending them to a non-profit in California that gives scarves to abusive women's shelters and homeless shelters but only in California.  I have to believe that we have local shelters just not as easy to access.  I will look harder to see about helping local folks.

The weather has been absolutely beautiful, bright sunny days and brilliant blue skies.  This was a good thing because Murray had one roofing project he wanted to finish and he got it done.  I have to admit I was biting my nails because of the steepness of the roof but he assured me that he had it all figured out.  And, he did get it done but anyone who thinks it is normal for an 81 year old man to be roofing hasn't read the statistics on that age group.  Apparently, Murray never read it either because he continues to amaze one and all.  Here are some pictures of his activity.  See how steep it is?

While Murray was roofing, I was crocheting and listening to books.  I checked on him often to be sure he was still working.  Now we have a beautiful roof.  He has totally re-roofed the entire house now.  Whew!  No more ladders I hope.

My crochet projects have been mostly scarves to donate.  They were easy and didn't interrupt my book listening.  Nothing is more frustrating than to be engrossed in your book and discover you have made more rows in the wrong pattern....and then you have to rip it out.  I have to say that ripping out crochet rows is much easier than ripping out knit rows.  Anyway, I survived and made lots of scarves. I did make one hat with a pretty little flower on the front.  The flower has a button on its back so it can be moved around.

Okay folks, that's all for now.  I'm sure there will be many more crochet projects but no more roofing projects.  Life is good around here and Shaunti wasn't sure what was going on with the ladder but she didn't like it.  She much prefers her pack to be on the ground and with her.  Hope you have a nice Thanksgiving.  We have lots to be thankful for.

Monday, July 25, 2016


Whew, today was hot.  Even the air felt hot when the breeze blew.  And, of course, Shaunti had to play Frisbee.  Since I was already sweaty from walking, I spoiled her and took her out.  After about five throws and catches I decided she must be hot and called it quits.  She turned around and carried the Frisbee into the house.  It felt good to get inside again.  Hard to believe she is now 6 years old.  She is just like a little fur person.

Murray has been finishing up the ceiling in our livingroom with stained panels inserted into the coffers.  It is beautiful.  Today he finished it up so onward to another project.  I hope he decides to work inside since it is much too hot to do anything outside.  He isn't a spring chicken anymore....well, to be honest, not for some time.  

I've been crocheting rectangles again for the HAPpy Project in Ohio which took up where HAP here in Maryland ended.  After over 10,000 afghans and several years of coordination, Deborah decided to call it quits.  Two sisters from Ohio decided to sponsor a much smaller endeavor but has still mnaged to send many afghans to wounded warriors.  I am just happy to contribute yarn and rectangles.

Other than these small efforts, I have done nothing word blogging about.  You might say that this wasn't worth it either but I made a commitment to try to post something more than once a year so....this is what you get.

Here is a picture of the ceiling.  Stay Cool!

Tuesday, March 8, 2016


It feels like spring today.  Sunny and calm with a hint of warmth in the air.  Makes me want to go out and toss the Frisbee for Shaunti.  She'd like that too.  Later.....maybe.

For now, here are some finished projects.  I made the cowls to use up the lovely yarn I purchased last year.  The Red Heart Medley is soft and washable.  These will make someone a nice neck warmer.  I'll hold for now until cooler weather.

Next on my list is an afghan in a lacy blue for a friend of mine.  Had to order the yarn so just as soon as it arrives, I have the pattern and will be crocheting.  My yarn closet has bulged again after almost being emptied but it made me nervous to be able to see the back.  I ordered some standby yarns for future afghans and then had to get some cotton for a friend's potholders and now ..... well you get the picture.  My closet runneth over.  The cowls were all made with Red Heart Medley and using a K size hook.  Now I'm off to enjoy the spring weather.

Monday, January 25, 2016

January 2016 AND LOTS OF SNOW

Well, it is January 25th!  We are experiencing the big dig from under about 17 inches of snow here at our house.  It was so deep that it was over my snow boots so my feet got wet.  Awwwww!  I know, I know, no big deal.  Anyway, it is beautiful and we have successfully reached the street although we have yet to drive anywhere.  Where would we go?  Everything is closed today.

All in all, it was a lot of snow but nothing like what was received north of us.  Guess we should be grateful that we didn't lose power, run out of oil for our furnace, or food.  I spent the time listening to books and crocheting.  You might ask what I do on other days?  The answer is the same things but it feels different when you can't do anything else.  I suppose cleaning the house is always an option but one I immediately reject until the dust bunnies wrap around my ankles and trip me.  It's not that bad but you get my meaning.

In case you didn't get any snow, here are some pictures of our recent activities.  Now back to the books and hooks.

Murray Shoveling 1st Half of Driveway

Shaunti Admiring Dad's Efforts