Friday, May 29, 2009

My Roundabout

Well, I decided to keep this one for me. After all the yarn cost over $80 and that is a bit spendy to charge someone, especially when some of the yarn has been used twice already. Ha! That's because the first item I frogged and then the 2nd item that I started I stopped. So, 3rd time is supposed to be charm. This is lovely yarn but I just couldn't find anything I liked and then when I made the bone roundabout I thought it would look good in the multi-colored Berroco Comfort Sock and it does! I'm almost finished so will be replacing this partial picture with a complete item soon. I still have new yarn to use and have done very little to reduce the size of my stash. Going on 2 years now and still.....but I'm enjoying myself. Retirement is terrific. I recommend it!

1 comment:

VicJoRob said...

Looking good. Will you do a ruffle edge or post stitch ribbing? We have to talk about the stitch because I am just not getting it.