Thursday, November 12, 2009


Well, the new blog editor sure uploads the pictures nicely.  These all fit across center of page.  As you can see I'm still using up yarn to make the hats and a 3rd scarf for the ladies.  I sure hope they like camouflage.  It seems appropriate with the troops overseas protecting us but not everyone appreciates the pattern.  These hats are fast and easy to make so everyone benefits--I get to use up yarn and the wearer gets to keep her head warm.  Today is overcast, windy, and rainy and is a good day to continue my projects and to update my computer files.  Hmmmmm.  Maybe I'll even reconstruct my genealogy file that has been lost in the shuffle.  I have all of the information but just haven't had the patience to enter it.  I got the most recent My Family Tree software so have no excuses.  Wish me luck! 

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