Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Cheery Hat & Scarf for 2010

Well, the new year is upon us!  This cheery hat and scarf should make the cold weather more bearable.  I knitted the scarf just to see if I could remember how and to see if knitting  seems as slow as I remember.  Yes to both!  I think I will stick with crocheting.  I got to thinking about knitting because I'm reading Maggie Sefton's latest book about her Lambspun yarn shop and all the knitters who are constantly popping in carrying their tote bag with their ongoing projects.  I mean really.....who has time to carry around their project.  Obviously, they are working on soft sweaters and not king size afghans but that's just my harumph.  The stories are sweet and I do enjoy them so thought I'd give knitting a try.  Guess it's just not my thing or else I'm just not coordinated to handle two needles.  It doesn't make me sane and crocheting does, although my husband might take exception to the sane bit.  Just kidding!  All is well in my end of the world.  How 'bout yours?  P.S. The characters in the book are taking a class on crocheting so they are branching out.


VicJoRob said...

Love the hat and scarf. Good color blending. What a great way to combine knitting and crochet. I love Maggie Seaton's books as well. Which one are you reading? And yes, as you know, I feel the same about knitting. As I always say, great minds think alike. BTW, you are sane. Those around you on the other hand . . . (smile). Take care.

Caroline said...

Hi Linda,
The hat and scarf are really cute! I found you through one of your project pictures on I absolutely fell in love with the hooded shawl and am wondering if you would be willing to share the pattern with a fellow yarnaholic.


L said...


I'd love to share the ruffled shawl pattern with you but I need your email address. Send your address to me at and I'll send you the pdf file.