Thursday, September 23, 2010

Don't Give Up Yet!

Leaves Fall, Raking is Optional!  HAPPY FALL TO ALL!!
I think that is my motto for crocheting...maybe for all things.  I was wandering (lurking) around the pages of my favorite yarn site,  and saw a pattern that I absolutely had to have.  It was an afghan pattern using lots and lots of textured stitches which would be lovely, be a real stash buster, and help me empty my yarn closet.  Well, I saw where it was published several years ago in a favorite crafts magazine so I set about trying to track it down.  The first place I tried was on the Internet but nothing could be found.  All mentions pointed back to the magazine so I went to their web site to see back editions but none were listed and no pictures were available.  All that was provided was a phone number.  This seemed very low tech to me but I called anyway.  A real person answered and said that they had no copies available but I should call back in a few weeks.  No offer to take my name, credit card, or to suggest any other source.  I was about to decide that I would just get a different pattern but something in me said to go back to the picture on ravelry and see if I could track it down.  I did and was able to get a copy.  At the same time I subscribed to the magazine to see if that would gain me access to the archives in case I found another old pattern...I was told there was no archive but that back copies could be ordered by calling this number.  Been there, done that.  So, I am now working on the pattern and still waiting to receive the first copy of my new subscription.  Maybe I am impatient but this little exercise seems to cry for electronic archives where past publications can be purchased electronically.  We are all willing to pay for our hobbies aren't we?  I know I am.  


VicJoRob said...

Great shot of the backyard. The leaves almost paint a mosaic pattern on the ground. Yes, persistence is key. Would love to see what pattern you were hell-bent to do. And I am sure it will be lovely like all your afghans.

Zuchinni17 said...

what magazine is this??? I've been pondering subscriptions to certain publications myself. But yes if you found something you want and you're in any way related to my mother..... You'll pay for it or you'll make them give you what you want!