Friday, November 5, 2010

November 2010 is Here

I'm 6 months old...aren't I cute?
Last month was a lost cause.  This month isn't beginning much better.  Shingles is something you do not want.  It is going on 5 weeks and seems like forever.  No new rash but the pain is constant and unrelenting.  But, enough complaining.  Shaunti's 6 month birthday was November 4th and she is getting better and better.  Here she is chewing on her new rawhide bone.  She is a constant delight.  The backyard is now enclosed so she can run free of the leash and loves being able to run with no one pulling her to 'get back here.'  I've started a new baby afghan for a friend of my cousin and it is coming along.  It is one of those beautiful textured patterns with a double cluster row separated by a double crochet row.  It eats up the yarn so now I am waiting for a yarn delivery.  That is all the news worth printing.  I'm hoping that this episode of shingles will be a thing of the past very soon.  Enjoy your November!

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