Thursday, April 21, 2011

Another Great Anastacia Zittel Design--Hobobird Shawl

I am so embarrassed....I had promised to finish this shawl back in February and here it is April.  What can I say???  A senior moment perhaps? I hope it is just over commitment.  Seriously, the pattern was a delight to make and it came out beautifully.  The yarn was lovely to work with and helped make the shawl look like a butterfly.  Needless to say, I'll make more Anastacia Zittel designs and I would love to make more things with the Smooshy Dream In Color yarns.  In fact I tried to get more of the color I used for this shawl which was pansy go lightly and found it sold out at most stores.  Fortunately for this shawl I only needed the one skein but if I had a second skein I would have used it to make the shawl larger.  I am tall and like my shawls and shrugs to wrap around.  This shawl will be perfect for a smaller person so it will be a gift...lucky woman!!!  Anyway, now you know why I've been out of touch...because I've been catching up on all my commitments.  I'm almost there.  But what would it be to not have multiple projects going on.  Life is just so much fun when you can have your hobby turn out such luscious projects.  Keep turning out these pretty designs Anastacia!!!

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Anastacia said...

Oh, it does look lovely! And thank you for the link love, too!