Wednesday, October 24, 2018


My, how the time flies.  Good thing I don't depend on my Blog to survive.  No excuses.  No disasters in my life so have no one to blame for my lapse of blogging except lack of interest on my part.  Hmmm. 

Been crocheting lots of scarves and hats for the Yarns for Warmth project at a local hospital and hanging out at home.  All is well so maybe that's why it was June 2017 when I added anything here.  My traveling companion, Murray, and I did manage to go on two cruises this year.  The first in February to Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao, Dominican Republic and Bahamas.  Long cruise but even longer ship.  This was a really, really big ship with over 3,400 passengers.  Way too big but we enjoyed the warm weather.  Photo above left is taken at Amber Cove, a specially created stop for Carnival cruise ships. The picture on right is as we were going ashore at Bonaire.

In June we flew to Amsterdam for a few days before departing on an 8-day cruise up the Rhine River with stops at Cologne, Germany, and other locations.  One stop was at Strasbourg, France.  It was a lovely trip but very intense.  First time we took a river cruise with scheduled stops and tours.  It was necessary because of the type of cruise but it did require setting an alarm.  Ugh!  Glad we did it but it is a once in a lifetime cruise for us.  We prefer our own schedules but we had to do this river cruise so now we have done it.  It had been on our bucket list for years.  Not sure where the next adventure lies.  Shaunti hopes it is right here at home with her.
 Photo at left is of Basel, Switzerland as we were arriving the last day of the cruise. All of the stops along the Rhine were historical and beautiful.  Lots of lovely castles too. 

 Below is Murray on the dock waiting for the cruise around the Zurich Zee.  Beautiful day to visit Zurich before flying home to Shaunti.

Now it's time to finish up some crochet items to donate.


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