Thursday, September 27, 2007

Beginning to an End

Well, this is the first posting to this blog. I suppose it is appropriate that the photo of my yarn closet be the beginning picture. The closet itself is about 4 feet wide and 4 feet deep so it is not very big but it contains about 150 skeins of yarn and most of them are the 8 oz size so you know I've had them quite a while. They don't even make 8 oz skeins now. I have been working on reducing the yarn in my closet for years now and have succeeded in not buying any new yarn for 3 weeks. Ha! You say how can you possibly reduce it. Well, that is the problem. I throw out the catalogs without looking at them but then I read an e-mail which has a pattern for specialty yarn and I have to try it. Everyone who crochets understands the need for new patterns. But, I am resolute now!!! I am making afghans and shawls from the existing yarn and I have it down to only 120 skeins remaining. BUT, I've been reducing the yarn for years. I have a web site which has pictures of my use but I just don't seem to ever get it empty. Maybe now that I have more free time, I can crochet more and faster. I just retired from my job after working 5 days a week for 42 years SO I'm hoping that I will be able to report here soon that I have used it all up. I'm sure everyone will be glad to know.

In the meantime, I will share some of my favorite stitches and attempts at new patterns using the OLD yarn. For now, here is a picture of my dog with a favorite pattern but it takes too long to make and when you're trying to empty the closet----well, you need simple and fast projects.
In addition to being a closet crocheter, I am also one of the founding members of The Crochet Collaborative, a community group created at my former work location, which I now join electronically with a conference call. You can visit us for more collaboration by going to We hope you will add your comments to ours.
Endlessly cleaning,


VicJoRob said...

Love your blog! It was funny and told a lot about what you are up to. I had no idea you had 150 skeins of yarn -- I personally have about 70, mostly on the 4 oz size. You will have to share the pattern for the granny squares. It looks like the perfect pattern to take on long airplane trips, particularly for Mayra with her travel travails. Can't wait for you to call in on the 9th. One last question, I voted for cotton but have never crocheted with WOOD (Mayra is LOL over my shoulder!) What's your secret?! What size hook should I use -- a size Z? VBG?

P.S. Lexe looks cute standing next to the afghan. What a model!

Juice said...

Hey Linda! fo

Juice said...

Sorry my last message was incomplete. However, I found your site and your blog. We wanted to touch base with you at somepoint, I think we may have an order or two. I will let you know.

Take Care!