Saturday, October 6, 2007

Now What?

Today is October 6, 2007. The end of the 5th week of my retirement. Now What do I do? Just kidding. I have been busy crocheting and using up yarn. I'm down from 158 skeins to just 100--I'm thinking that I must have miscounted earlier but I have been crocheting A LOT. My husband and I have been going hither and yon but not anywhere exotic. Just around the patch where we live. My dog got groomed and looks beautiful. Of course, she gets groomed every 3 weeks so she pretty much looks beautiful all the time. In addition to cleaning out the yarn closet, I've been working on cleaning in general. Moved some stuff around so now I can get to my exercise equipment. Did some butterfly pulls and found that 40 pounds had to be reduced to 20 pounds so I could actually move the equipment. That is ominous since the last time I used the machine I was easily moving 40 pounds. Hmmmmm. Maybe I need to use it more. My goal is to do just that. But, gee, it interferes with sitting on the couch and crocheting. Balance is the key here but balance is not a word that I usually include in my activities. I'm usually 'full speed' or 'dead stop' so guess I'll practice doing both--resting on my buns and moving my buns. Anyway, I am enjoying the time and am thrilled to be a free spirit. So now it's time to get back to my crocheting.

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