Saturday, December 15, 2007


Not a creature is stirring today. It is supposed to snow and sleet and then turn to rain. What else is new? I am happy to be inside with my yarn and fireplace. The world looks better looking out from a warm place. I have a new 'toy' for my electronic pleasure--an 8x10 electronic picture frame which is terrific. It shows the photos in a slide show and is pretty nifty. Now, I must resize the pictures I want to view to 800x600 pixels (wide x high). I found out that most of my photos are vertical which means that to get them to fit, I have to resize them to 450x600. While looking for photos to include in my crochet slide show I found a picture of my dog, Lexe, when she was a tiny puppy. She learned to burrow into yarn at an early age. The gloves protect the manicure as well as the yarn from the oils on your hands. I've been sitting in the corner of the couch with the dog since 1999--she joined our family June 1999. I have 3 projects I am working on for other people and I am having a terrible time finding a pattern to suit me. I have started and ripped out a hat at least 3 times and I have now finished it but don't really like it so will add it to my completed project file while I continue to see a new pattern. Something will show up but so far it has not. And, my closet is increasing instead of decreasing--I have yarn on the floor, on the treadmill--that's a good use for it--and on the couch. 4 months retired and no end of yarn in sight! Oh well, at least I have a closet for most of it. Must get to it. I have downloaded 5 new patterns and will go see how they suit me. Enough for now.

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