Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Hello Again,
Well, today was a cold and blustery day but no new snow so far. The inch we got on the 17th was enough but we'll get more. We can hope for spring but I’m sure we’ll have some more weather. The storm last Thursday was just the beginning. But that’s okay—it gives me the excuse to stay inside and crochet. I’m going to need to double up my efforts. The amber shawl was a big hit! The woman I made it for wore it to a baby shower and she said that several of the ladies wanted one just like it! One lady wanted the same color and has already placed her order. I’m waiting for the other orders to arrive. I have to admit that it is stunning and warm, too. So, I’ll be working away to get these out the door so they can be worn before the next storm. In between I worked up an afghan for a young boy and it looks appropriate for a boy, blue and gray squares. Here it is. Fortunately, I am enjoying my ‘leisure time’ with my crocheting, mixed in with yoga once a week, and the use of my computer daily. Between e-mails and Web browsing, I’m wondering how I ever had time to work for a living! I did work though for many years and now I'm reaping the benefits and feel very fortunate. Life is good!

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