Saturday, February 16, 2008

Pocahontis Shawl Completed


Today is a beautiful day in Bowie. Not warm though--only 36 degree but blue skies and sunshine. A great day to crochet or anything else you want to do. My house smells delicious. My husband is making lasagna--from scratch! Not the frozen kind but the homemade variety. Something about tomatoes and pasta that no one can resist. So, here I am updating my blog with the latest project. The picture you see here is my version of the Pocahontis Shawl pattern from Berroco's Free Pattern web site. It was a trial to make but it turned out lovely. I hope the person I made it for likes it as much as I do. Or, maybe I'm just glad to have it finished. I have worked on it over a month. One of the points I redid 6 times--it was for experienced hookers--which just means it had lots of different stitches and fewer instructions BUT I got through it. The finished product, however, looks just like the pattern so since the ending is all that counts--it is a success. Now I'm off to do another ruffled shawl and some afghans. Eventually I will get back to using the yarn in my closet. It has not reduced 1 skein so far. In fact I have more yarn now sitting in boxes outside of the closet. If someone wants a project in a special yarn, I have to order that yarn and then there are leftovers, and then I have to order more to use up the leftovers.......and on and on. You get the picture. Help! I need a bigger closet!!!!


VicJoRob said...

What a beautiful poncho. My 14 year-old loved it. It's warm and very comfortable to wear. I bet the next time you make it (there will be a next time, right?), it won't take as long or be as difficult to make.

khanna said...

greetings Linda!
hope you are having a fabulous day! i saw the Poncho. went to visit Victoria last Tuesday, so she could show me how to start a new skien, and she showed me the Poncho! it was fabulous. i can't wait till i become a little better, though i have to say the lipstick scarf and hat on your blog are my absolute day! hope all is well? love, k.