Monday, September 1, 2008

Beige Shrug

Well, I finished the beige shrug using Lion Brand's Jiffy yarn in camel. It turned out beautifully. I increased the collar by doubling the number of shells and then increasing the rows from 10 to 15. It allows the side seams to match in length and didn't pull on the collar. I like it. It is an easy pattern to use and I will make another one or two probably. I sent the picture to my friend who requested the shrug and she was thrilled. She is going to come by and pick it up so now it's on to another event. I've got enough yarn to make any number of items. I used up 19 skeins in the bed skirt just finished and will try to use some others in some of the new sweater patterns that call for worsted weight yarns. Almost all of my 200+ yards of yarn are worsted weight. So you can tell I've had it forever. Today is a lovely fall day and I am celebrating my 1st year of retirement. Hard to believe that it has been exactly a year ago that I walked out of my office and started a new experience. It has been lovely. I've lost 5 pounds, started a yoga class, and can crochet to my heart's content. So far I wish I had 2 or 3 more pairs of hands to use up the stash of yarn. My closet is not getting any less. Sigh..................

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