Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Retired 1 Year

Wow! It's been one year since I retired. Where has the time gone? I worried for years before finally retiring last year that I would have nothing to do and would be bored and feel stuck just hanging out at home BUT that has not been the case. I guess it's true that how we feel is a state of mind because I have felt wonderful. I sleep in as late as I please. I crochet when I want to and I watch movies all day long if I decide I want to. It is such a freeing event--to be retired--with nothing to do but what you want to do. There is only one thing that I miss and that is sharing ideas with people. It is true what 'they' say about proximity, proximity, proximity! If you aren't there, you aren't anywhere. E-mail makes it easier to stay in touch but it's not the same as the face to face contacts. One of my former colleagues and crochet buddy has made it a point to include me in social events so we've been to a movie and out to lunch a few times. She and her nieces come to visit now and then and that has been fun. Here is a picture of the throw given me last year on the day of my retirement celebration. Little did they know how often it would be used--they didn't know I had a hammock to throw it on. I use it constantly. Thanks y'all!! I have no complaints and love being a 'lady of leisure.'

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