Friday, June 19, 2009

Another MASSIVE Sweater--Removed 2nd Photo

What am I doing to cause these large projects??? Well, maybe the yarn doesn't fit the pattern. But, it did. Or, maybe the hook was too large. But it wasn't. I used a smaller than called for hook. Whatever it was, I'm sure getting lots of practice at frogging. I have ripped this one out and have 7 balls of yarn plus 4 skeins untouched of the additional yarn I ordered to finish the edges. If only I had tried it on....the story of my creative life. I hate to measure and to try on. I am a hopeless optimist in that I believe that the pattern as written is correct and will fit. Alas, that is not always the case as I have seen in this green sweater. Besides the color is not the best for me either. Oh well, it's a moot point now since I'm not making a sweater out of the yarn--at least not this sweater. And, the pattern cost $6.99! Holy Cow! It looked so nice on the website and it was quick to download. I'm sure I'll make something out of it but it will be a less flexible yarn than this TLC Cotton. It's beautiful yarn but just not for such a loose pattern. My friend says she only uses single crochet with the yarn and this was not only a double crochet but in back loop only making it even looser. Live and learn. I'll be back with another one later that I've almost finished. Much tighter stitches and more fitted style. Never give up is my motto.


VicJoRob said...

I have to chuckle at this because I know what you mean. You think everything will work out because you even did a swatch--you know most knitters and crocheters don't like to do them. I think this is why I hate to work from a pattern. So, any lessons learned from the frogging?

DesertNails8 said...

I appreciate seeing what happened. Two neighbors and I will be making this and .. well now I won't be using cotton yarn. The shawl kind of looks like a blanket with sleeves. I think I'll highlight the stitch counts because there are multiple sizes in the one pattern and I want to make sure I read the ones for my size. I guess I'll use acrylic yarn after all. Thank you for your info on your experiences with this pattern. :)