Saturday, October 31, 2009

Hats Galore! Bats, too! Happy Halloween!

There used to be a store in Annapolis called 'Hats in Your Belfry' and that would be appropriate for today's blog. I've been making hats out of every imaginable yarn I could find. I used up all the Artist Print and managed to eke out 7 berets. Then I started in with Ranch and Lipstick and managed to make 5 more plus the trim on the shawl. Then, I found a smidge of Frosty (very pale green) so trimmed one of the Artist Print hats and made a short neck warmer. I'd say I've done everything possible to use up my stash BUT STILL IT PERSISTS!!! Although, now it is the old, old yarn along with the new and all fits in the closet and none is on couch so I am making progress. Note to self: Must stay away from yarn sales. Just one more collection of beiges to go and then I can work with some older but coordinated colors. Sigh! That will be nice. So today's pictures show all the hats along with the new as yet unnamed mannequin. A friend has tried some names out but they don't hit me. Besides she (the mannequin) may be not long for my world. She is too wobbly and I'm toying -- get that -- with getting a plastic one that is sturdier. We'll see. For now, it just sits in the corner wearing a rejected hat and a shawl made to use up yarn for color. If I don't stress her, she is fine but she can't model heavy items like sweaters. My web site is current as of today so guess that brings me up to date. You can take a gander at it if the mood strikes you.

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