Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Mannequin Addition to Tools

Well, after serving as the living model for all these past photos all these years, I decided to get a mannequin to display my crochet items. After spending most of a day searching the web for an inexpensive one (most were over $100 and I thought that was too much for a 'toy' to hold yarn), I found an inflatable site with lots of choices for less than $50. I purchased a torso shape, including the head and arms so that I could show off sweaters and hats.... see the picture. She is a bit wobbly since she is full of air (ha) so I may have to buy a solid one with a face that won't reflect the flash from the camera. We'll see. Let's not lose track of the reason for the purchase which was to better show off my crochet items, not to show off the mannequin's face. But, as you know, these cutsy things have a life of their own so don't be surprised if you don't see a much more sophisticated model here sooner than later. I remember a movie that took place in a department store where the mannequin came to life and became real.... at least at night in the dark of the department store. But, I digress! This inflatable model works well for hats but doesn't hold up very well with a sweater. Even the shawl in the picture caused her distress (to wobble) which is why I figure I may have to move up to a solid variety but that's a ways off. For now, this one will do. What to name her??? Hmmm. Maybe Missy Aarie in keeping with her lighter than air personality. It's always something isn't it?

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