Tuesday, October 13, 2009

On Being a Poodle Mama

I have been playing step-mom to my neighbor's Maltese-Poodle mix while she has been on vacation. What a treat! He is so tiny that he could walk under my own poodle if she would stand for it. Not! She isn't too sure about this interloper in her yard with her humans but he loves the attention and doesn't seem to mind her attitude. He is white as you can see from the picture and now that he has been groomed he is very playful. I think before his grooming, his fur was so matted and he was just too uncomfortable to move much. We decided that we would take him for the grooming since his last cut was with a pair of scissors and looked 'rough' to put it mildly. Now he is precious. Even the groomer said that his personality changed after the bath and cut. He wags his tail and sits up for the treats that I bought for him. He is one lucky dog! Alas, today his human returns home so he will not have the benefit of all the attention that we have been lavishing on him. Still, he has a bed inside and food and water so he is safe. Not everyone can be as much of a 'mom' as me.

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Renee said...

Your 'step-dog' is going to miss you!
Being a poodle momma is the best, isn't it?