Friday, November 20, 2009


OK-OK! I promise this is the end of the hat saga but I just had to put them all in a bag to carry didn't I. It just happens to be the bag my new boots were carried in and that is perfect. Hats and Boots! Get it??? Of course you do. Anyway, I made a total of 16 hats, 2 scarves, and 1 shawl and used up lots of my stash yarn. I'm so happy. Now I'm on to other challenges like two shawls which are partly finished and then I'm tackling another sweater but this one has the sleeves crocheted as part of the back and front so no inset sleeves. Yea!!! If I could crochet boots I would but I'd much rather get leather boots to go with my outfits. This is definitely the year for boots. So let's hear it ya'll, 'These boots are made for walkin' and that's what they're gonna of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you....' Can you hear it yet? Nancy Sinatra, circa 1970s. Anyway, I can hear it.

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