Monday, December 21, 2009

Happy Holidays To All And To All A Good.........

SNOW, SNOW, SNOW!   Wow, they got it right this time.  Thank goodness it didn’t do this last week when we were trying to get home from the airport.  That would have been a real mess.  But Old Man Winter gave us a break and didn't let loose until Friday night, December 18th, just before midnight and it snowed continuously all day Saturday.  The prediction was 16-24 inches and where I live we officially got 19 inches but when we measured our front drive area it only measured 14inches so guess it depended on where you lived.  Anyway, it was almost a white out as you can see behind the flag and Santa. which was taken on Saturday afternoon.   Thank goodness I filled all the bird feeders Friday before the storm hit.  My husband went to the grocery on Friday, along with hundreds of others, and spent over an hour just waiting in line to check out.  Fortunately, the ice cream didn't melt.  We had an excuse since we had been out of town but why the others were there is a snow warning phenomenon....happens every time there is a prediction.  Today it was sunny and pretty but still cold so not much melting went on.  The plow did get to our street this morning so that made it possible to get out....not that we had anywhere we needed to go.  So, we just stayed in and counted our blessings.  I wish everyone a wonderful holiday season, whatever your affiliation may be.  Enjoy the peace and quiet that occurs at this time of year and above all, be safe! 

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