Sunday, February 28, 2010


Lexe would be 11 years old on March 31st and we were hoping that she would be here to celebrate it.  But, alas, that was not to be.  We spent the last two weeks with Lexe giving her the medicine prescribed by her veterinarian, giving her lots of love and attention, and, just doting on her.  She was happy and alert and, of course, we hoped that the diagnosis was a mistake but we knew deep down that we were living on borrowed time.  That time ran out in the early hours of this morning and we had to make the decision that it was time to let her go.  We took her to the hospital and now she is in doggie heaven or wherever good dogs go when they die.  We are sad but we will work through our grief and consider finding another poodle in the not too distant future.  We figure that Lexe's persona is so big and so merged with us and our house that another poodle would be the only fitting critter.  Here is a picture of Lexe painted by the sister of a dear friend.  It hangs on the wall of my study directly above my monitor so I can get my Lexe 'fix' any time I need it.  I know we did the responsible thing but it still hurts.  Time to distract myself with some new yarn project.


ponykeg said...

Linda, I'm soo sorry, but glad that Lexe is at peace. ((((HUGS))))), your faithful follower, Beth

L said...

Thanks, for your kind thoughts. Today is better than yesterday and I'm hoping that it is how it goes. Each day gets better. It's tough to lose a pet but it would be worst to never have had them in your life.