Thursday, March 4, 2010


Hugs and kisses to Lexe....if only in my dreams and memories.  She is now dancing around the moon.  Notice how much brighter it has become now that she is there.  Today is sunny and bright and I feel better.  I know there will still be moments of sadness but they will get fewer and fewer and then we will remember Lexe with laughter and fondness instead of tears and pain.  My crochet project pictures will not be as sweet without her furry image but one of these days in the near future we will have another poodle to sit with me as I crochet and to light up our lives.  We think she will be Lexe Deux! 

In the meantime, we are relieved that the snow has melted and that there are no new storms in the forecast.  February was truly the month from hell so I am glad we turned the page and started a new month.  The Jamaica vacation was one highlight of the month of February and the wearing of 'bling' given me my good friend in Las Vegas.  She said that one should never be without their bling, not even on the beach. is my bling. 

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