Tuesday, March 30, 2010

March Like A Lion

Today is cloudy but there is the promise that tomorrow will be sunny and warm and that the warmth will last through the weekend.  We are skeptical but optimistic.  We even put out the new bird feeders and revived the spinners.  The cowbird on the ground was sitting on the ladder earlier, patiently waiting for us to get out of the way.  Guess it was a young bird and had no fear of humans yet.  We moved away and you can see from the picture the bird returned.  It has been a changeable month with warm one weekend and cool another.  We continue to search for a puppy while missing Lexe like crazy but life must go on.  I have found several local breeders expecting litters in early May so one of those little pups may have our name on her.  We'll just have to wait and see if a little Shaunti is one of them.  Saw lots of cute puppies but are waiting for a little female silver miniature.....she will show up.

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