Sunday, January 30, 2011

Green Mittens In Process

 My first mittens using Hunter Green by Red Heart Super Saver yarn.  I started this pair of mittens before Christmas but only got the right one finished before I had to switch over to my charity projects which had to be shipped before the end of January.  Got that done and now I'm making a pair of mittens for a friend and then I'll finish the left one for this pair.  These will also go to charity but there is no due date looming over me.  I am so excited to have found three charities which allow me to use my huge stash of Red Heart acrylic yarn.  In fact one of these charities requires only acrylic yarn to avoid any allergic reactions to the blankets being sent to wounded service men and women.  So, I will never be without something to work on for a good cause.  Now all I need is more time.  It is hard to choose between crocheting, reading, or watching movies.  My life is so simple and peaceful.  Wish the world could be as easy to manage.  I'm sending positive energy to the war zones around the world and hoping for peace. 

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VicJoRob said...

I love the mittens and the cowl. I wore the mittens this morning as I cleared the snow and ice from my windshield, and for the first time doing this, my finger tips were warm and toasty. I didn't wear the cowl because it is really warm and the wind wasn't kicking up. This is a wonderful pattern for the mittens -- they fit so well on my long fingers and wide palms, leaving me some great flexibility.

As to the knitting with DPNs and circular needles, I understand your frustration. All I can say is that treat the circs like you would two independent needles -- once you transfer the stitches from the left needle to the right, turn the project and switch needles and hands. As to the DPNs, work them as pairs -- one in your right hand, one with stitches in your left, and two or three standing in line waiting their turn to be worked. Kind of like the debutante with several suitors standing in a queue.