Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Fingerless Mittens All The Rage

I finished my second pair and am pleased to report that they came out smaller than the first pair.  I tried a different pattern but I think it is the hook size that made the difference.  Anyway, I plan to make a few more pair to match the berets that I made a few weeks ago and then donate them all to a homeless charity through  Seems like the beginning of the new year is a time for cleaning closets and getting ready for new projects.  This applies to yarn closets as well as clothes closets.  I started this blog three years ago when I retired.  My goal then is the same as it is now...EMPTY THE CLOSET...  Well, I'm sorry to say it isn't working.  I have increased my stash and as of today I have 175 skeins of yarn totaling 36,070 yards of yarn!  So, I joined a new group called 'Stash Killers' where we take a pledge to not buy any yarn this year.  With all the yarn I inventoried today, I have enough to keep me going for two years unless I give up sleeping and just crochet and knit.  Wish all problems were this easy to deal with. many hobbies and so little time.  How did I ever have time to work???

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