Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year 2011

Here we are on New Year's Eve.  In case you're wondering what has captured her attention, the next picture tells it all.  She loves chips!  She also loves shrimp but we haven't totally lost our minds over the puppy.  We're just partially besotted.  She rules the house but hasn't learned how to clean up after herself yet.  I'm hopeful!  Well, the new year is starting off on the right foot....60 degrees for now but that will change tonight...the temperature is expected to drop into the 30's.  I decided that today was the day to upgrade to the 4G network so I installed my Verizon LG VL600 and what a difference...10X faster than 3G is the ad and it seems to be true.  Tonight we're having our traditional dinner, prime rib, baked potato, broccoli, and dessert.  Yum!  Which reminds me I must go start the preparations or we'll be eating at midnight instead of 7 p.m.  Hope your new year is off to a marvelous start and just keeps getting better and better.  Don't forget the black-eyed peas for good luck--the vegetable not the singers--although the singers are good for you, too.

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