Monday, March 28, 2011

Cable Rerun Afghan Finished

 Well, I finally finished this project.  It used 9 skeins of yarn over three separate purchases so the colors don't always match.  Not much I can do about it now and I'm hoping that the charity that receives it will appreciate the warmth and not be too critical of the color changes.  The textures turned out very nice but don't seem to pop like they did in the magazine picture.  Gray isn't exactly a bright color but Shaunti likes it.  She likes yarn but usually in its natural state where she can unroll it.  Once it is finished she loses interest.  Now I can return to my blue wrap and finish it in the next few days.  Spring is just around the corner so it is time for bright spring flowers and bright yarn.  I'm thinking bright yellow or spring green for the next project.  Stay tuned.

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