Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Wrap Front Shrug by Shibaguyz is Finished

It was a success.  February was a fun month with the Shibaguyz and all their crochet designs.  I did complete this beautiful wrap and even got the sleeves inserted properly.  I am always sleeve challenged with any item I have ever made beginning with my 8th grade sewing project...the sleeves didn't fit properly so I threw the dress away.  Well I put it in a closet and later threw it away.  But I digress...I was talking about sleeves not about my patience problem which is legendary!!!!  I mention the sleeve issue so no one will blame it on the design...it was purely mine and mine alone.  BUT, I did get the sleeves in as the picture shows and the wrap is, well, 'a wrap.'

So, now I have lots of new Shibaguyz projects to choose from.  I've made my choice, the Pewter Dress, but first I must make a gift for a friend.  A knitted gift, grrrrrrrrrrrrr, but I'll get it done.  The finished wrap was made with Lion Brand Microspun Royal Blue yarn.

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