Thursday, June 9, 2011

HAP is What's Happening!

You might wonder what is HAP?  Well, it is an organization founded and managed by Deborah Starobin Armtrong to provide afghans to wounded soldiers.  She has signed up over 1,600 volunteers who crochet or knit 6x9 inch rectangles that are put together by volunteers into afghans.  Each afghan is made from 49 rectangles and then crocheted together.  So far, over 6,200 afghans have been sent to wounded soldiers at many different military hospitals.  Here is a sample of the work beginning with the rectangles, then the designed afghans pinned together into seven columns, and then the finished product.  I am just one of many volunteers participating in this marvelous activity.  So far I've put together 11 afghans and crocheted about 100 rectangles to be used in other afghans.  To see more, go to the web page Handmade Afghans to Thank Our Armed Forces Project (HAP)
The designed afghans come in bags of seven stacks numbered 1-7.  They are then crocheted together in order of 1st column to 7th column.

The is the almost finished afghan.  The outside edging is now being added.

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