Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Fearless Scarf for Pat

Oops!  How could I have forgotten to mention Tracie Barrett's scarf on my blog?  Too many other sites where I posted the picture.  The pattern is very pretty.  I did use Crystal Palace Yarn again but doubled the strands to add softness and drape.  Also added the edging to the ends of the scarf.  In my opinion the straight ends were not 'girly' enough for the friend I'm gifting.  The trim made it just right.  I've posted two pictures, one with trim and one without.  Both are lovely!!!  Sure glad I still had enough yarn available.  So I have used all but about a half ounce of the yarn.  Not sure what I'll use the little leftover for but it's in my remnant bag for just the right thing.  Maybe a trim for a hat?  That might work.  Anyway, now I'm off to my errands and lunch.  Time's awasting.

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ponykeg said...

Love the color....looks so soft and warm!!!!