Friday, September 2, 2011

September is Here and Cooler Weather

September is here with cooler weather but still lots of humidity.  We survived Hurricane Irene with no significant damage, just lots of rain and moderately strong winds.  It was strong enough to blow down some leaves and leafy limbs that covered the yard but caused no damage.  Guess we were fortunate when the next day we heard about all the power outages.  And even today, some homes and businesses are still without power.  The kids got to miss the beginning of school in many locations nearby.  And, of course, there was lots of damage on up the coast in New Jersey and Vermont.  It is amazing how much damage a Category 1 storm can do.  Sure glad it wasn't a Category 3 or 4!  Here's a picture looking out the back door the evening before the storm.  The humidity is almost thick enough to cut with a knife.  Sure glad for the AC! 
This shows the humidity in the air

This is looking through the door toward the same area as in the first photo.

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