Sunday, March 25, 2012

In The Round

Today is a rainy day but the trees are leafing out.  When I look across the valley behind our house, I can see the underbrush turning green and the tops of the trees beginning to show real leaves.  By next week all will be green and warm.  I will no longer be able to sit by the fire and crochet.  I'll still be able to crochet but will need another excuse.  I'm sure I'll find something to justify my laziness.  I just finished a Round Jacob's Ladder afghan designed by Maxine Gonser and am starting another shawl.  I've about decided that making shawls is much more fun and less trying than making sweaters and having to deal with sleeves that don't want to fit the opening.  But, never wanting to admit defeat I'm sure I'll try sweaters again.  In the meantime, here's the afghan.  Shaunti thinks it is a success.  Enjoy your weather wherever you live.
 Pattern found at Bev's Country Cottage

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ponykeg said...

Love it.....the colors are gorgeous...and Shaunti looks comfy!!!