Saturday, June 16, 2012

June 1951 Was Special

Well, we established that May is the lusty month and was my birthday month many, many years ago.  June 1951 was just as special.  It was the month in which my 'baby brother' was born.  Now, of course, he is no longer a baby brother and isn't really my little brother either since he is taller than me and outweighs me by a few pounds.  But, as we all know, birth order remains the same and to me he will always be my 'little brother.'   He thinks he is lucky to have survived his childhood but we all know those wild adventures magnify and grow in the mind's eye, especially in the eye of the child.  He is thriving now with a family of his own.  Here he is at less than a year.  The kid holding him....well, that would be me. We've both improved in appearance since then.

  Happy Birthday to My 'Little' Brother.

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