Sunday, July 8, 2012

Shawls Now Number Fifteen in 2012

Is it hot enough for you?  Whew!  It is very hot here in Bowie and very humid.  We have many trees in our yard that provide shade so our yard stays about ten degrees cooler than the surrounding area but at 105 it's still HOT!  Just standing outside is hot.  Shaunti loves to chase the Frisbee but she hasn't wanted to go out to chase squirrels and that's her favorite game.  We just have to be happy that we have air conditioning and that we didn't lose power last week when many around us did.  A friend lost everything in the was a big freezer so it was a significant loss.  So, I've been crocheting and listening to my guilt.....what else could I do?  It's too hot to do anything else.  Finished three shawls and am making a major reduction in my yarn closet.  I even have empty hooks where yarn bags have been emptied and removed.  Hmmm, I'm getting that worried feeling that I maybe should order some yarn to be sure I don't run out.  Hypnosis might prevent me from hitting the 'buy' key at least for a little while.  Just kidding about the hypnosis.  The three shawls are:

Angel Wings Shawl by Julee Reeves

Tea Wrap/Sea Shell Wrap by Lion Brand

Peacock Shawl published in CrochetMagazine, Autumn 2011

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ponykeg said...

Love the shawls! Empty hooks? MO WAY!!!!! :)