Wednesday, August 1, 2012

More Shawls

Well, here it is August already.  I've been watching the Olympics and am thrilled that the USA is doing so well but am especially happy that Michael Phelps is continuing to add to his medals.  I like Ryan Lochte but am rooting for Michael this year.  Both are equally talented.  Anyway, while watching the sports events and sitting on my posterior on the couch, I continue to make shawls.  I signed up to make one while the Olympics are on and have started three different ones and unraveled all three.  I could not figure out the intricacies of the patterns so rather than frustrate myself with the struggle, I started over today with a pattern that I have made before.  This way I can be sure of finishing it before the end of the Olympics.  Sigh.   I really wanted to make the new ones but just could not figure out the pattern.  Maybe I'll try it again another time.  Before all this angst, I finished some rather simple ones and have posted them here.  It is fun to see the completion of a project and I am using up stash at a fast rate of speed.  Soon I may see the bottom of the closet.  Don't hold your breath....I may find some new yarn before that happens.  So much yarn and so little time.

Flying Diamond in Royal Blue and Snapdragon Green

Eva's Shawl in Red Heart's Mystic Cornflower

Elegant Simplicity by Lion Brand in Red Heart's Cornflower Blue Mystic

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