Friday, February 10, 2017


Hooray, feels like spring so kick up your heels but keep your jacket and gloves close.  It isn't really spring.  It's just warmer than usual due to climate change maybe?  Or politics maybe?  Here in D.C. it's warmer than usual  due to all the politicians, pundits, and people talking.  And talking.  And still talking.  It is hard to get a word in these days and who would listen anyway???  So, those of us who can just read and crochet and try, I say try, to stay away from Facebook, Twitter, and all social media...try I said...not succeeding but still trying.

I find that if I can focus on a book and crochet I can pretend all is well.  Sometimes, all really is well.  I just finished making 16 hat and scarf sets for a nearby homeless shelter.  It keeps me busy and provides something nice for people who might be down on their luck.  Anyway, I enjoy the activity.  

It is amazing all the stuff on Facebook.  This posting by Patrick Steward, aka Captain Picard, says it all.  This is what strong men believe.  

On that note, I'm off to read and crochet.  Hope your day is beautiful, your life serene, and your future secure.  If not, maybe you want to look around and join a group that will help make it that way.  Life is good...let's make sure it stays good!

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