Friday, January 20, 2017

Gray and Cloudy Day

Today is gray, cloudy and rainy.  It matches my mood.  I'm sure I'll bounce back.  Today, though, I don't feel as cheerful as I might like.  I've been occupying my day with picture taking of my recent six hats and scarves for donating to an abused women's shelter.  Unfortunately, there is always a need for handmade items.

 I like crocheting so I'll always have a hobby.  I did get some bright pink yarn and make some hats for friends to wear when they join the 'Women's March on D.C.' tomorrow to highlight the need for diversity and women's equality.  I'm modeling the hat before I shipped it off.  It's all for a good cause.

I'm about to go walk and watch the 11th season of a great BBC series, 'New Tricks' which is about a group of retired London detectives brought in to solve cold cases.  Their boss is a Superintendent Detective who just happens to be female and 40 years their junior.  It is hilarious but also touching.  The fact that it lasted 12 seasons tells you the writing and acting is superb.  It's available on Netflix.  I first saw it on PBS years ago.  It is just one of those shows that makes you feel good.  Today is a good day to watch it.

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