Tuesday, December 4, 2018


Well, today is December 4th, 2018, and the installation of the new furnace is today.  YEA!!!  We have been wrapped up like skiers (thank goodness for ski outfits from our distant past), using space heaters and the oven to keep us warm.  I now know why central heat was such a wonderful advancement.  When you have to move your heat from room to room, you are never warm.  Fortunately, the last 3 weeks have not been very cold or we would have been miserable. 

The good news is that I made lots of hats and scarves for the Yarns 4 Warmth project at Suburban Hospital in Bethesda.  Shipped off 23 hats and 22 scarves yesterday.  So I'm ready to start anew.  Glad to be able to make my hobby useful for those in need.

Bad news is that my left hip is causing considerable pain and discomfort.  The chiropractor said his fix would be temporary and that a replacement was the only cure.  He was right.  I had 3 months with no problems and then WHAM!  it became very uncomfortable.  I have an appointment to get it checked and to find an orthopedic surgeon.  Guess I've been living a charmed life to get this far with no joint issues.  (Knocking on wood to hope this is the only problem.)

Waiting for pizza to share with the installers.  2 large extravaganzas!  Yum!!!

First is me wearing Murray's U of Oregon sweatshirt with one my the hats I donated.  It matches the letters.  And, it is warm.


Next is Shaunti in her bed under Murray's desk in her sweater.

And last are the scarves and hats recently. donated.  Life is good.

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