Monday, March 18, 2019


Today is a cloudy day but it may not rain.  I'm looking for patterns that I used years ago and finally found it.  A very pretty Vintage Shawl
pattern that I only used for one shawl.  Turned out very pretty but was a tedious project.  Today I am making two shawls for my sister-in-law and niece.  Had to find a pattern that would match with the bulky yarn.  Found one and will be crocheting tonight on the first shawl.  It is a pattern that can be adapted to any weight yarn.  How nice!!!

Shaunti is almost 9 years old.  She came home from the groomer on Saturday, looking very spiffy.  She goes every 3 weeks.  I expect she gets better treatment than most children.  Her annual exam was last week and I have been trying to get her to pee in a flat dish ever since.  It got so bad that when I opened the door for her to go out, she backed up instead.  Finally after this happened several days, I decided to give up.  It wasn't going to work and I didn't want to totally intimidate her.  So, today was the day.  I carried her out to her favorite 'spot' and eureka, was able to capture the specimen.  Then we had to put it in the container provided by the vet and take it to the vet while it was 'fresh.'  I swear most people wouldn't bother but we are responsible paw-rents. 

Now it is time to make brownies for dessert.  Yum!

Life continues to bring good things our way. 

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