Wednesday, May 1, 2019

The EYES Have It

Today is May 1st!  The Lusty Month of May--according to Lerner & Lowe in their Camelot play and movie.  Had to watch the part where Lancelot shows up and the picnic is in full swing.  A bit dated but still has a spot in my heart.  It was the first movie Murray and I went to way back...1968 or so.

He is my Lancelot and King Arthur and today he has two eyes that see clearly.  He had his cataracts removed and can't believe how much brighter everything is.  Who knew?  It was more or less painless although the right eye which was the one done last and on April 29th was a bit painful but only the first night.  Now his vision is almost perfect.  So, while he recovered and couldn't work outside he worked on the movie he is making of our Cruise Up The Rhine River in June 2018.  Keeps him out of trouble.  It is very complicated making movies but he seems to enjoy the challenge.  Me, I stay frustrated with frogging my latest crochet project which didn't work out. 

Made a wrap using some beautiful yarn that turned out to be difficult, 4 strands unplied so they separate at the blink of an eye or the slip of a hook.  Anyway, I made the first project using a pattern from Red Heart--turned out the length is 114 inches and the width is 23 inches.  It would make a nice decoration on a long window.  So...I decided I would frog it and start over.  Well, I am a very good maker of knots and tucks of loose ends so they will not unravel.  In this one I was exceptionally good.  I never intended to unravel it so I even separated the 4 strands and tied them in different locations.  What a mess.  So now I'm unraveling them and cutting where I can't untie.  Sigh.  My work is cut out for me.  No pun intended.  Here is the project. 

While I was trying to decided what to do with the four other skeins of yarn I had, I found a tried and true pattern that works with any weight and any amount of yarn.  You can stop when you need to so I made two shawls using 2 skeins of the Sea Glass.  They are lovely.

Morpho Shawlette - 72x36 inches

Morphy Shawlette - 70x33 inches
The difference in size is due to yarn remaining.  The first one was larger nd I had to use some of the yellow-green from 2nd skein to finish it.  So, I had to make the 2nd shawl a bit smaller so as to not run out of yarn.  Tricky but worked out.  Now I have two skeins of a different color mix to make up.  May use the same pattern.

Keeps me out of trouble.  Shaunti on the other hand is almost 9 and we got some pictures of her a week early fresh from the groomer.

Shaunti with Mom and Dad.  She's a lucky dog.