Friday, March 7, 2008


Well another project is successfully completed. The 2nd ruffled shawl in the same color and the same yarn as the 1st one. It always amazes me that the same pattern can look so different the next time it is made. Must be something about the creative force that doesn't allow it to look the same. This time the hood is not as pronounced so it resembles a ruffled collar instead of a monk's hood. I think it looks good both ways. Now I'm off to make a little boy's blanket of red, green, and yellow blocks. Fortunately, for me I have lots of projects to work on but none of them help to use up my yarn--everyone wants their project of their color choice--and I wouldn't expect it any other way. I will have to 'empty' my closet with non-specific items. That is going to be a ways off though--I still have over 100 skeins of yarn in my closet. Now I have 2 boxes full of yarn sitting outside the closet cause it won't fit. Some is even on my treadmill making it impossible for me to use--Awwwww! What a Shame! I really hate that cause I want to walk on it. NOT! Although, I should walk daily. Anyway, back to my crocheting now. Here's the latest shawl. Oh, I almost forgot I sent a navy shawl to my Aunt who recently entered a care facility. She will look sweet with this navy shawl around her shoulders. I bet everyone there will want one. Hope they want the colors I already have.....It is an easy pattern to make and I will love to make it for the residents to enjoy. It would also be a good project to donate to charitable sites.

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pollyhyper said...

Hi - I found this post through ravelry and I have to say, your shawl is SO much nicer than the ones from the original pattern! Any chance you wrote down your version of the pattern, and, if so, willing to share? My email is pollyhyper AT gmail
~ Holly