Monday, March 31, 2008



Today is the last day of March!!! That is hard to believe. It seems like only yesterday we were wondering if it would be like a lion or a lamb. Well, it has been like both. Today it is gray and rainy but about 50 degrees so that is not bad. Today is Lexe’s 9th birthday. We are giving her a meatball this evening in honor of her day. She thinks every day is her birthday. A human child cannot be more loved than this poodle. She got her NEW red collar and leash and a new bed for under my desk.

We sit together and work on projects. Here is one of the latest photos of her and me on the couch working on the afghan for a former colleague. She likes to be sure they are warm enough. As you can tell by the fireplace, this was during February when I started working on the project. Now it is completed and measures 72x72 inches. It is a big afghan for their new couch. I hope they like it. They plan to pick it up later this week. She said she wanted more brown than red so that’s what she got. Everyone is different and I love making them. Lexe just watches.

Now I’m working a blanket for a 2 year for a lady at my former office. She wanted blue so I had to buy some new yarn to get her the colors. I’m never going to get rid of this yarn collection in my closet. Oh Well! As long as my hands work, I have time to use it up. It isn’t going anywhere and it doesn’t wear out. Although, I keep thinking I should get busy because the newer yarns are really pretty and look like they would make beautiful items. Hmmmmm. There is a downside to maintaining an inventory—you’ve got to use it. Time’s a-wastin’ so better get busy and start crocheting.

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