Saturday, May 3, 2008


Can't believe it is May already. Soon we will have warm weather--we kept expecting it in April but ......never happened. Today was lovely here in the Maryland suburbs--about 80 and breezy. Finally, we finished the baby project that we undertook as the Crochet collaborative and turned it over to the proud grandfather of the twins. He was properly impressed! Lexe wasn't as impressed when asked to model but she is a good sport. There is a lot of crossover between my blog and the Loose Ends Blog for the Crochet Collaborative since I work on both. Right now, the Crochet Collaborative has no new projects so I am moving on to other endeavors. For instance, my cousin asked if I could make a sweater like one she had seen in the paper. Of course, I said "send me the picture and I'll see." She did and I found a similar pattern and am hard at work. It won't be exact but originals are never the same are they? will be the only one like it and I know she will like it. I will add a picture when it is ready. Right now it is on the back of my couch waiting for trim and buttons. No other excitement in my neighborhood so I better get back to work. Have a happy spring.