Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I just finished another sweater. This is my 2nd and I’m working on a 3rd. This pattern uses worsted weight yarn—the kind that my yarn closet is full of—so now I have choices as to what products to make to use up the yarn. I can make afghans, sweaters, shawls and any number of scarves and hats. Anyway, the sweaters are fun to make and are very rewarding. I can have them ready for the cold weather when fall and winter arrives. They are the type that you can throw on the back of your chair at work or on the couch at home—just to take the chill off. I am sending this one to a friend in Oregon—it is always cool there in the evenings so a sweater is just right. Other than this project, my life has been calm. The weather has been much cooler than normal for mid to late May—today it is about 55 and raining. One thing for sure we are not suffering from a drought—at least not yet. There has been some excitement in our yard—a fox has discovered that the bird feeders attract baby squirrels so the fox has been lurking hoping to catch one. So far, no success. I hope it stays that way. When the fox arrives, there is lots of bird chatter and nary a squirrel to be seen. Once we finish the back fence the fox won’t be able to wander up from the ravine behind the yard. We have tried to get a picture but needless to say, foxes are not the best models—they are quick. Must go now.

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