Monday, May 26, 2008

3rd Sweater

Today is a beautiful day! About 84 degrees and breezy and sunny. So, the work on the deck continues with a summertime completion anticipated. Haven't ordered the deck chairs yet but the end is near. In the meantime I continue to crochet. Finished a 3rd sweater for a cousin of mine. These are light enough to wear inside if the AC is too cool. Each one takes about 30 ounces of yarn. The color is Red Heart Painted Desert trimmed with Red Heart Country Rose. The hardest part is finding a button to match the yarn. You will notice that this one does not have its button on yet. I'm looking for a rose colored one. Have lots of yarn in the closet so my only problem will be to decide which color to use. That's all I have planned to date. Enjoy your spring weather and if you have time, start a new project.

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