Friday, June 6, 2008

Lap Throws

Well, I found a great way to use up yarn. I followed a pattern for the log cabin afghans but then stopped when I got about 36x36 inches square. This is the perfect size for a lap throw when you are watching TV or a movie or reading. I have 3 so far and am not sure what to do with them. I'm looking into finding a nursing home where the residents could use them while in the TV room or just sitting in their rooms. Shawls work too but they are longer and a bit unwieldy if you just want to cover your lap. Anyway, it might help me empty my yarn closet which is still ebbing and flowing at a steady rate. I had to buy 6 new skeins of red, white and blue to make a sweater for my cousin. She loved her multi-pink one and requested one that she can wear when she does volunteer work at her local VA Hospital. So, I'm off on another project. Here are the three lap throws.

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