Saturday, June 14, 2008


Usually on the 4th of July no sweater is needed--at least not for warmth. However, this one is for looks. After having made a sweater of this pattern for my cousin, she asked if I could make her one in red-white-blue so she could wear it to her local Veterans Administration Hospital where she volunteers. I, of course, said YES! This was just last week. It took 1 week to buy the yarn and finish the sweater. The colors almost glow as you can see. Now that this is done I'm making a baby afghan for another cousin who will be a grandfather for the 1st time. And, today I'm watching Tiger Woods prove his abilities once again even after knee surgery. He is amazing. Today I'm sure Tiger will be wearing his red-black combo--he always wears it on the final day of any event. Here's the sweater!

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