Monday, July 7, 2008

White Shrug

Today is overcast but not raining. A good day to continue work on the new deck. By the end of the summer it will be finished and we will be relaxing in our new hot tub. The preliminary work is done so now it is just order the concrete, mix, and pour. Sounds simple but it takes lots of work--by one person--the resident architect. It is going to be a lovely deck. In the meantime I continue to crochet and relax in the hammock. The deck needs the architect so I can just watch. We are home bound until it is finished. But, my latest project is finished and here it is for review. I won't make this again but it was fun to see it come together. I need to find a skinny woman/girl who can easily fit it. My shoulders are too wide so it must be a Size 10 or smaller person. I'm sure someone will be able to use it. In the meantime it goes on my stack of 'available items' which grows slowly--much slower than the last stack when I had 12 afghans. July is here and all is going well.

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